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Infection in Pregnant Pigs Leads to Antisocial Piglets

Summary: Recent studies have reported on a link between maternal infection and subsequent higher risk of autism in offspring. A new study from ACES reports similar findings in pigs. Mother pigs who develop infection during pregnancy have a higher risk

How Ketogenic Diets Curb Inflammation

Summary: The neurological benefits experienced by those with epilepsy who follow ketogenic diets may be a result of the low carb diet lowering brain inflammation, researchers report.

Source: UCSF.

Ketogenic diets — extreme low-carbohydrate, high-fat regimens that have long been

When Neurogenesis Goes Wrong

Summary: Researchers discover post stroke neurogenesis in the hippocampus is linked to worse performance in hippocampal memory tasks.

Source: PLOS.

Neurogenesis is a complex biological process by which neurons are generated from neural stem cells and progenitor cells. Indeed, the

Touching Helps Build the Sexual Brain

Summary: While it is widely believed social cues can accelerate puberty, previous studies have found it difficult to clearly identify the most crucial signals responsible for the change. A new study in PLOS Biology reveals sexual touch contributes to the

You Can ‘Pick Up’ a Good or Bad Mood From Your Friends

Summary: A new study reveals how the mood of one friend can impact the moods of others in their social circle.

Source: University of Warwick.

Study suggests that depression doesn’t have the same effect.

New research suggests that both good

Hitting the Breaks on Lethal Brain Cancers

Summary: Targeting a protein called neuroligin 3 helps stop the growth of high grade gliomas in mice, a new study reports.

Source: NIH/NINDS.

New research conducted in mice provides evidence that highly lethal brain tumors, called high-grade gliomas, stop growing

Going vegetarian might mean more depression

Vegetarians are at higher risk of suffering from depression, compared to those who eat meat and consume a conventional balanced diet, according to a new study.

A Bristol University study of almost 10,000 people from southwestern England discovered that vegetarians …

Personality Changes Don’t Precede Clinical Onset of Alzheimer’s

Newswise — TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — For years, scientists and physicians have been debating whether personality and behavior changes might appear prior to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Now, the findings of a new and comprehensive study from …

Gene Immunotherapy Protects Against Multiple Sclerosis: Mouse Study

Summary: A new study in Molecular Therapy reveals gene immunotherapy is able to reverse symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, and even prevent the disease from appearing in mice.

Source: Cell Press.

A potent and long-lasting gene immunotherapy approach prevents and reverses

One in Four Girls is Depressed at Age 14

Summary: UCL researchers report 24 percent of girls aged 14 report feeling symptoms of depression. Only 9 percent of young teenage males reported feeling depressed.

Source: UCL.

New research shows a quarter of girls (24%) and one in 10 boys

Brain Inflammation Linked to Suicidal Thinking in Depression

Summary: Researchers have identified increased inflammatory activation markers in the brains of people with major depressive disorder who report suicidal ideations. The findings support recent research that anti-inflammatories may provide antidepressant effects for some patients.

Source: Elsevier.

Patients with major

Personality Changes Don’t Precede Clinical Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

Summary: Despite popular belief, researchers have found no evidence that personality changes appear prior to the onset of dementia. The findings are published in JAMA Psychiatry.

Source: Florida State University.

For years, scientists and physicians have been debating whether personality

Girls and mental health: share your experiences

Data shows one in four girls have depression by the time they hit 14. We’d like you to share your thoughts and experiences of mental health issues

About 166,000 girls and 67,000 boys aged 14 across the UK are depressed, …

Sleep Deprivation Can Cure Depression, Study Shows

Depression is one the biggest health concerns of our time. According to a report, depression is now the No.1 psychological disorder in the world.

The explosion in numbers is prevalent in all age groups and every community across …

Study Suggests Approach for Treating Brain Tumours

Bethesda, MD  (Scicasts) — New research conducted in mice provides evidence that highly lethal brain tumours, called high-grade gliomas, stop growing when deprived of a specific molecule naturally produced when brain cells fire.The experiments, led by a group of scientists

Study Shows Faulty Cell Signalling Derails Cerebral Cortex Development

Chapel Hill, NC (Scicasts) — As the embryonic brain develops, an incredibly complex cascade of cellular events occur, starting with progenitors – the originating cells that generate neurons and spur proper cortex development. If this cascade malfunctions – if one

Guess Who? Facial Expressions Can Cause Confusion

Summary: University of Bristol researchers report expressive faces can cause idendity confusion.

Source: University of Bristol.

Photos of the same person can look substantially different. For example, your passport photo may look quite different from your driving licence, or your

Self Control May Not Diminish Throughout the Day

Summary: A new PLOS ONE study reveals that regardless of the time of day, people experience a loss of motivation for completing a single task over its duration.

Source: PLOS.

Our self-control may not be a finite resource that diminishes

Immune Cells May Heal Bleeding Brain After Strokes

Summary: A new study reports immune cells called neutrophils may help the brain recover following intracerebral hemorrhage.

Source: NIH/NINDS.

While immune cells called neutrophils are known to act as infantry in the body’s war on germs, a National Institutes of

Oxytocin Turns Up the Volume of Your Social Environment

Summary: According to researchers, blocking the activity of oxytocin restored normal social behavior in stressed mice.

Source: UC Davis.

Before you shop for the “cuddle” hormone oxytocin to relieve stress and enhance your social life, read this: a new study

Key to Loss of Smell in Parkinson’s Discovered

Summary: Loss of the sense of smell is a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease that often precedes motor deficits. A new study may provide clues as to why the sense of smell diminishes in people with Parkinson’s.

Source: University of

Controlled Sleep Deprivation May Help Reduce Depression

Summary: According to a new study, controlled sleep deprivation in an inpatient setting can have a significant impact on symptoms of depression. Partial and total sleep deprivation helped reduce depression in almost half of the patients within 24 hours, researchers

Cortical Representations of Speech in a Multitalker Auditory Scene

The ability to parse a complex auditory scene into perceptual objects is facilitated by a hierarchical auditory system. Successive stages in the hierarchy transform an auditory scene of multiple overlapping sources, from peripheral tonotopically based representations in the auditory nerve, …

Researcher Sheds New Light on How Brain Operates Like GPS

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Every time you walk out of a building, you immediately see where you’re at and then step toward a destination. Whether you turn left, right or go straight ahead, you don’t even think about it. Simple, right?…

A Challenge to the Textbooks on How We Learn about Our Surroundings

Donald Hebb was a famed Canadian scientist who produced key findings that ranged across the field of psychology, providing insights into perception, intelligence and emotion. He is perhaps best known, though, for his theory of learning and memory, which appears …

Ivanka Trump reveals she struggled with postpartum depression

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — First daughter Ivanka Trump has revealed that she struggled with postpartum depression after giving birth to each of her three children in a new interview.

“With each of my three children I had some …

Can Depression Be Treated With Anti-Inflammatory Drugs?

In September 2017, British newspaper The Telegraph published a story suggesting that anti-inflammatory drugs could cure depression. The article, while interesting, misleads readers by overstating and presenting without context longstanding scientific work on the link between depression, inflammation, and the …

Singer Aizat says more awareness on mental disorders needed

DEPRESSION has always been perceived by most as a form of weakness and failing of one’s character make-up, never an illness.

But for singer and songwriter Aizat Amdan, 28, his recent visit to the psychiatric ward of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia …

Increased Physical Activity in Breast Cancer Survivors Boosts Cognition

Summary: Many breast cancer survivors report cognitive problems following treatment. New research from UCSD finds breast cancer survivors who increase physical activity and embark on regular exercise experience improved mental processing.

Source: UCSD.

It is estimated that up to 75

Managing Negative Emotions Can Help Pregnant Smokers Quit

A new study by scientists in the University at Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions has shown that pregnant smokers are more likely to quit if they can learn to manage negative emotions that lead to smoking.

Smoking during pregnancy is …

Eight Autism Related Mutations in One Gene

Summary: USC researchers have identified eight autism associated mutations within the TRIO gene.

Source: USC.

Disorder in 1 gene triggers a chain reaction that disrupts the construction and stability of the brain’s developing connections.

Scientists have identified a hotspot for

The Brain at Work: Spotting Half Hidden Objects

Summary: Researchers have identified how signals from the visual and prefrontal cortices may interact to help us recognize shapes that are not entirely visible.

Source: UW Medicine.

How does a driver’s brain realize that a stop sign is behind a

Dealing with back-to-school stress: Part 2

From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle report.

It is back-to-school time in the United States. Back-to-school stress is different for different ages. Younger children may feel scared to leave their families. Making new friends and dealing …

Researchers Unite in Quest for “Standard Model” of the Brain

Leading neuroscientists are joining forces to study the brain—in much the same way that physicists team up in mega-projects to hunt for new particles. 

The International Brain Lab (IBL), launched on September 19, combines 21 of the foremost neuroscience laboratories …

Nongenomic Glucocorticoid Suppression of a Postsynaptic Potassium Current via Emergent Autocrine Endocannabinoid Signaling in Hypothalamic Neuroendocrine Cells following Chronic Dehydration

Glucocorticoids rapidly stimulate endocannabinoid synthesis and modulation of synaptic transmission in hypothalamic neuroendocrine cells via a nongenomic signaling mechanism. The endocannabinoid actions are synapse-constrained by astrocyte restriction of extracellular spatial domains. Exogenous cannabinoids have been shown to modulate postsynaptic potassium …

Birthplace May Be Tied to Dementia Risk

Place of birth may be associated with the risk for dementia, a new study has found.

Researchers studied 7,423 California residents collecting health data on them from 1964 to 1973, then following up by examining their health records in 1996 …

Black, White or Multicultural: Constructing Race in Two Countries

Newswise — A new study demonstrates the strong influence ancestry plays in Americans’ interpretation of whether someone is black, white or multiracial, highlighting differences in the way race is socially constructed in the U.S. compared to other parts of the …

Pregnant moms who take folic acid cut autism risk from pesticides

(Reuters Health) – Children whose mothers took folic acid supplements early in their pregnancies were less likely to develop autism, even when the pregnant moms were exposed to pesticides linked to the neurodevelopmental disorder, a new study found.

Mothers who …

Analyzing the Language of Color

Summary: A new MIT study reports languages divide warmer colors into more color words than cooler shades. This, researchers note, is apparent across more than 100 languages.

Source: MIT.

Cognitive scientists find that people can more easily communicate warmer colors

Reliance on ‘Gut Feelings’ Linked to Belief in Fake News

Summary: According to a PLOS ONE study, political bias isn’t all that helps shape how we perceive truth and news, trusting intuitions also plays a part.

Source: Ohio State University.

People who tend to trust their intuition or to believe

Why Bad Sleep Doesn’t Always Lead to Depression

Summary: Researchers from Duke University report people with poor sleep quality were less likely to experience symptoms of depression if they had higher activity in the ventral striatum.

Source: Duke University.

Poor sleep is both a risk factor, and a

How yoga and meditation can help social care workers deal with trauma

Dedicating time to improving workers’ wellbeing, through meditative and mindful practices, could vastly benefit patient care

Because of the resilience and selflessness that their job requires, many social care professionals – including Molly Rose Zametkin, a 29-year-old primary therapist based …

Autism trial earns praise

Residents with autism will be better catered for thanks for Campbelltown Library’s new trial program.

Proud to be inclusive: Campbelltown councillor Margaret Chivers is thrilled her library program is being trialled and hopes it can be rolled out at other

Fabulous turnout for inaugural Autism Speaks walk in Toledo

It’s the World’s largest fundraising event for people with autism and on Sunday it came to Toledo for the first time.

More than one thousand people took over the Huntington Center on Sunday morning, a fabulous turnout for the first …

Alzheimers Q&A: What are some risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease?

Though tremendous advances have been made in understanding Alzheimer’s disease and its process, researchers have yet to uncover the causes of this debilitating brain disorder. That said, researchers have identified some factors that increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. …

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