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More adults use marijuana in states where it is legal

Daily use of marijuana as well as past month rates rose for both men and women aged 26 and older in states with medical marijuana laws in effect, according to researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. Marijuana use among those younger than...

Once a lesbian always a lesbian, right? Or not?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (October 11, 2017) - Are people's sexual attractions likely to change as they age? That's the question at the core of an ongoing debate as to whether or not sexuality remains stable throughout a person's life. An upcoming presentation at The North...

The impact of the ‘war on drugs’ for female ‘mules’

University of Kent research on women working as drug 'mules' has found they aren't victims of their sex but of the trade, and its illegal status. Dr Nayeli Urquiza Haas of the University's Kent Law School compared different legal developments and strategies in Europe...

Novel gene therapy approach to treating methamphetamine abuse

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 13, 2017 -- While there are no FDA-approved medicines to treat methamphetamine (meth) use disorders, researchers are reporting early findings of a second-generation gene therapy in animal models for meth abuse. Results being presented today at the 2017...

New therapy lessens impact of mistreatment at a young age

Everyone has challenges of one kind or another. But research shows that mistreatment at an early age can have long-lasting and life-altering repercussions that could be passed to future generations. Work underway in the laboratory of University of Delaware...

Using social media big data to combat prescription drug crisis

Researchers at Dartmouth, Stanford University, and IBM Research, conducted a critical review of existing literature to determine whether social media big data can be used to understand communication and behavioral patterns related to prescription drug abuse. Their...

Explaining the Global Rise of “Dominance” Leadership

Political pundits, commentators and average citizens continue to have trouble accounting for the rise of populist authoritarian leaders across the globe.  The common question batted around continues to be how leaders such as Donald Trump, Viktor Orban, Rodrigo...

What Does It Feel Like to Be Enlightened?

Mysticism has been on my mind again lately, in part because of the success of Why Buddhism Is True by my friend Robert Wright. During a mystical experience, you feel as though you are encountering absolute reality, whatever the hell that is. Wright explores the...

Supercomputing speeds up deep learning training

A team of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, the University of California, Davis and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) published the results of an effort to harness the power of supercomputers to train a deep neural network (DNN) for...

Study finds higher rates of sexual violence among bisexual women

While sexual harassment and sexual violence have been pervasive problems for women over the course of history, a recent study has uncovered that bisexual women specifically experience sexual violence more often than straight and lesbian women. In fact, 50% of bisexual...

Health care access improves with state-level medicaid expansion

A new study has shown that low-income U.S. residents living in Medicaid expansion states are significantly more likely to have health insurance and to receive a routine check-up compared to low-income residents of non-expansion states. While state Medicaid expansion...

What Grosses Out a Chimp?

Summary: Exposure to biological contaminants, such as feces and blood, through smell, sight and touch influence feeding choices in chimpanzees, a new study reports.

Source: Koyoto University.

Chimpanzees do some pretty disgusting things.

In their natural habitats, chimpanzees are known

Carefully Crafted Light Pulses Control Neuron Activity

Summary: Researchers use coherent control to control the function of a living cell.

Source: University of Illinois a Urbana Champaign.

Specially tailored, ultrafast pulses of light can trigger neurons to fire and could one day help patients with light-sensitive circadian

Brain Activity Buffers Against Worsening Anxiety

Summary: It may be possible to buffer against developing depression and anxiety by boosting brain activity in areas associated with problem solving, a new study reports.

Source: Duke University.

Boosting activity in brain areas related to thinking and problem-solving may

Astrocytes Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Summary: Researchers have discovered a direct association between astrocytes and Alzheimer’s disease. In a new study, researchers report astrocytes in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients produced significantly more amyloid beta than astrocytes in the brains of people without the disease.

Intervention Becomes First to Successfully Reduce Dementia Risk

Summary: Researchers report a computerized brain training intervention may reduce dementia risks in the elderly.

Source: USF Health.

Computerized brain-training is now the first intervention of any kind to reduce the risk of dementia among older adults. The breakthrough results

Paraplegic Rats Walk and Regain Feeling After Stem Cell Treatment

Summary: In a groundbreaking study, researchers use stem cells derived from humans to treat rats with paraplegia following spinal cord injury. The transplanted cells allowed the rats to regain sensory perception, improve mobility and helped with spinal cord healing.


Stress Can Lead to Risky Decisions

Summary: Researchers report chronic stress can influence how we make decisions. In a new study, mice who were affected by chronic stress were more likely to make more risky decisions with higher payoff options than those who were less stressed.

Workplace Sexual Harassment ‘a Chronic Problem,’ Says APA President

Newswise — WASHINGTON — Sexual harassment in the workplace is a pervasive, chronic problem that can cause enduring psychological harm, according to the president of the American Psychological Association.

“Sexual harassment in the workplace is a significant occupational health psychology …

Nanowired Drugs Could Treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Patients

Summary: Using titanate nanowires treated with cerebrolysin, researchers have been able to target delivery to the brain and through the central nervous system. Researchers report the use of nanowires to deliver drugs could be beneficial in the treatment of Alzheimer’s,

Leave Family Feuds Off Your Thanksgiving Menu

Newswise — STRATFORD, NJ – More families get together for reunions over Thanksgiving dinner than nearly any other time of the year. Unfortunately, the stress of travel, preparations for the beginning of the holiday season and today’s polarized political climate …

Why Do Employees Cheat? Too Much Pressure

Newswise — Athens, Ga. – It can happen in the branch office or the boardroom. Volkswagen did it to pass emissions tests. Wells-Fargo did it to squeeze more profits from their customers. Some school districts have it done it to …

A Sensor for the Early Detection of Autism

Warsaw, Poland (Scicasts) — Is it going to be possible to detect features of autism at birth? At the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw a sensor has come into being that means this

VIDEO: 2-Minute Neuroscience: Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines are commonly used to treat anxiety disorders and sleep disorders. They are thought to exert their effects in the brain by acting at receptors for the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA. In this video, I cover the the mechanism of action...

Study indicates arsenic can cause cancer decades after exposure ends

A new paper published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute shows that arsenic in drinking water may have one of the longest dormancy periods of any carcinogen. By tracking the mortality rates of people exposed to arsenic-contaminated drinking water in a...

Visual Perception of Summary Statistics Not Following Mathematical Rules

Summary: A new study could help to determine new approaches to statistical data visualization.

Source: Higher School of Economics.

Cognitive psychologists of the Higher School of Economics have experimentally demonstrated that people are capable of estimating the mean size of

Alternative to austerity to be found in Paradise Papers? | Letters

One day’s headlines shows how the UK’s struggling public services are desperate for funding, writes Linda Rhead. Surely, she says, it is connected to the tax-avoidance scandal in the same edition. While Richard Carter says Theresa May’s failure to …

New Insights Into Why Sleep is Good For Memory

Summary: Sleep helps us to strengthen both old and new versions of experiences, allowing us to use our memories adaptively, researchers report.

Source: University of York.

Researchers at the University of York have shed new light on sleep’s vital role

Drug Could Derail Synapse Loss in Alzheimer’s

Summary: Researchers report a drug called fasudil may help to prevent synapse loss initiated by amyloid beta peptides in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Source: King’s College London.

A recent multi-centre study, led by King’s College London and the University

Improving Clinical Trials With Machine Learning

Summary: Advances in machine learning could allow researchers to detect drug effects that may be missed through conventional statistical analysis, researchers report.

Source: UCL.

Machine learning could improve our ability to determine whether a new drug works in the brain,

Chimp Study Reveals How Brain’s Structure Shaped Our Evolution

Summary: A new neuroimaging study reveals patterns of asymmetry in the human brain may be unique to our species and could help explain how we developed language skills.

Source: University of Edinburgh.

The pattern of asymmetry in human brains could

Strength of Temporal White Matter Pathways Predicts Semantic Learning

Learning the associations between words and meanings is a fundamental human ability. Although the language network is cortically well defined, the role of the white matter pathways supporting novel word-to-meaning mappings remains unclear. Here, by using contextual and cross-situational word …

‘I feel better for singing’: the choir tackling mental health stigma

Choir members, including people with mental health problems, say their wellbeing and connectedness have improved since singing together

“I think there’s something physical about singing in a choir that does you good,” says Kaye Brown*. “For me it’s coming together, …

Left-Brained: Conservative Democrats Don’t Compute For Liberal Voters

Summary: A new study reveals progressive democrats are more likely to scrutinize inconsistencies in evalutate them as negative when candidates stray from the party line.

Source: University of Nebraska.

Political partisans would like you to believe voters’ heads will explode

How Gut Bacteria Influences Neurodegenerative Disorders

Summary: Researchers recently presented new findings linking gut bacteria to neurodegenerative diseases at Neuroscience 2017. Findings suggest better understanding of the microbiome could lead to better treatments for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Source: SfN.

Humans have roughly as many bacterial cells

Ibuprofen May Block Damage From Fetal-Alcohol Exposure

An anti-inflammatory drug may have the potential to stall the damaging effects of alcohol on the fetal brain, a new study suggests.

Ibuprofen reduced neuroinflammation and behavioral signs of alcohol exposure in a rat model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders …

Parkinson’s Disease: A Looming Pandemic

Summary: Researchers predict the number of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease will grow to pandemic proportions by 2040.

Source: University of Rochester Medical Center.

New research shows that the number of people with Parkinson’s disease will soon grow to pandemic

Potential Treatment For Autism and Intellectual Disability

Summary: GABA receptor modulating drug has been shown to reverse both social and cognitive deficits induced by a genetic mutation associated with autism and intellectual disabilities, researchers report.

Source: University of Nebraska Medical Center.

A breakthrough in finding the

Exercise Increases Brain Size

Exercise increases the size of the left region of the hippocampus, an area of the brain critical for memory, a new study reveals.…

The Lonely Shopper

Newswise — Another frenzied holiday shopping season approaches, with mobs of people looking for the perfect gifts.

Most will keep their spending under control. Some will not, and many of those who indulge in impulsive shopping will do so because …

Can men get postnatal depression?

More than a quarter of new fathers in a new study showed significant levels of depression – what are the causes, and what can they do about it?

Men don’t go through pregnancy or childbirth. Their hormone levels don’t nosedive. …

NHS cracks down on mental health patients being sent out of area

Thousands treated away from home region in practice seen as expensive and potentially harmful to vulnerable people

Mental health trusts are being forced as part of an NHS England crackdown to reveal how many patients they are sending elsewhere for …

Study: How cities can best fight climate change

What are the best ways for U.S. cities to combat climate change? A new study co-authored by an MIT professor indicates it will be easier for cities to reduce emissions coming from residential energy use rather than from local transportation -- and this reduction will...

The psychological toll of shame in military personnel

Feelings of shame may make the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) more severe in current and former members of the Armed Services. That is the conclusion of research published in the British Journal of Clinical Psychology today by a team led by Dr...

Global trade entrenches poverty traps

Competition between countries on global markets, says conventional wisdom in economics, is a Darwinian process that will weed out not only high-cost firms but also societal norms and institutions that are impediments to low-cost production. Countries whose laws and...

Sharing experiences improves wellbeing of healthcare staff

Healthcare staff who regularly share the emotional, social or ethical challenges they face in the workplace experience less psychological distress, improved teamwork and increased empathy and compassion for patients and colleagues, a new study commissioned by the...

Efforts to revive coal industry unlikely to work, may slow job growth

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Current federal efforts to revive the coal industry will likely do more harm than good to fragile Appalachian communities transitioning from coal as a major source of employment, according to a study conducted by Indiana University researchers....

Family favoritism: Younger siblings impacted more

A new study by BYU School of Family Life assistant professor Alex Jensen revealed that the perception of favoritism may have more effect on a child-parent relationship than was previously considered. Specifically, Jensen found that favoritism is linked more to younger...

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