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Social status of listener alters our voice

People tend to change the pitch of their voice depending on who they are talking to, and how dominant they feel, a study by the University of Stirling has found. The psychology research, published in PLOS ONE, put participants through a simulated job interview task...

Researchers find link between food allergies and childhood anxiety

June 29, 2017 -- Researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and Albert Einstein College of Medicine studied the link between food allergy and childhood anxiety and depression among a sample of predominantly low socioeconomic status minority...

A new way out of the cycle of rejection

Have you ever hosted a party, but as the day approaches, your closest friends say they won't be able to attend? Or maybe you sent a friend request to someone on Facebook who never responded, or weren't invited to an event that most of your friends are attending....

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Want to live longer? Get a dog

Dog ownership is associated with a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and death, finds a new Swedish study published Friday in the journal Scientific Reports.

For people living alone, owning a dog can decrease their risk of death by 33% …

For teens, depression can worsen this time of year

Secret Santas and ugly sweater parties might seem like the highlight of the year, but when you’re suffering from depression, the holiday season can be anything but merry and bright – particularly if you’re a teen. For adolescents, depression is

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VIDEO: Lec 11 | MIT 9.00SC Introduction to Psychology, Spring 2011

Lecture 11: Memory II - Amnesia and Memory SystemsInstructor: John GabrieliView the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/9-00SCS11License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SAMore information at http://ocw.mit.edu/termsMore courses at http://ocw.mit.edu   Channel: MIT...

VIDEO: [PSYC200] 7. Neuroscience Part 1: Introduction to Neuroscience

Dr. Chris Grace introduces the topic of neuroscience. He explains some of the basic biology behind the nervous system and how this plays a role in psychology. Dr. Grace speaks briefly about addictive behaviors as they relate to neuroscience.View the full class here:...

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Clinical Psychology Training: Accreditation and Beyond


Beginning with efforts in the late 1940s to ensure that clinical psychologists were adequately trained to meet the mental health needs of the veterans of World War II, the accreditation of clinical psychologists has largely been the province of

Brain Mechanisms of the Placebo Effect: An Affective Appraisal Account


Placebos are sham medical treatments. Nonetheless, they can have substantial effects on clinical outcomes. Placebos depend on a person’s psychological and brain responses to the treatment context, which influence appraisals of future well-being. Appraisals are flexible cognitive evaluations of