The Rotman 2016 Annual Conference, Rethinking the Taxonomy of Psychology, took place on April 15-17, 2016, in London, Ontario.

Poster presentations were given in the order listed below. To view the posters and abstracts, please visit the conference website: https://rethinkingthetaxonomyofpsycho…

Vincent Bergeron (University of Ottowa): Cognitive Homology as Cognitive Ontology

Daniel Burnston (Tulane University): Functional Integration, Neural Coding, and Consumer Semantics

David Colaco (University of Pittsburgh): The identification of scientific phenomena

Matthieu de Wit (Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute): Framing neuroscientific questions through the lens of ecological psychology

Joseph McCaffrey (University of Pittsburgh): Neuroimaging and Cognitive Ontologies: Does Discriminability Warrant Kind Splitting?

Jorge Morales (Columbia University): When Behavior Is Not Enough: Reading Metacognition From The Brain

Sofia Ortiz-Hinojosa (MIT): The Place and Unity of Imaginings

Luka Ruzic (Duke University): The neural components of cognition

Serife Tekin (Daemen College): Mental Disorders and Natural Kinds

Jessey Wright (Western University): Categorizing cognitive processes with brain data

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